Dedicated Hosting to your Site



Dedicated Hosting – Why you need one?

The success of a large company is often the total control that has about everything involving your brand, nothing better than having the exclusivity of certain subjects, this initiative is much easier to conduct the operation of your business and implement effective solutions when needed.
Let's do a little comparison between two companies: the first has its own headquarters and exclusivity of its point, since the other divides the land with another company that has nothing to do with your industry. If perchance the number one company need to make any changes in its facilities will only fit the company itself, right? And even without much trouble it will be a common point of all partners or single.
As for the company that divides its ground with another, some changes may not be quite rightly accepted for any problems with the other company. In this way, one of them will be limited to a certain point, without being able to structure if you need modifications to meet a greater number of customers.
These two examples cited above are just to show the difference between two forms of hosting we currently have: the dedicated and shared, the latter, no need to say that a single server is occupied by several customers who use that technology to their websites work correctly, However, certain changes are not possible and, any problem with any other company, can cause problems in your own work tool.
And, for some customers, one day out of the air can mean a great loss.

dedicated hosting

What is Dedicated Hosting

As the name says, dedicated hosting, is a form of hosting that brings uniqueness to his client, so, its content is installed on only one server and only contractor that service has the ability to change and manage your content. An interesting output for large companies that need to have their risks without air in tools, unexpectedly, leaving the air by third-party action.
Listed below are some important reasons that deserves attention from any company that needs security of its content and the certainty of a really functional website that matches the customer's need.

  • Too many visitors: We can not forget that we are in the computer age and current customers are accustomed to the information sharing speed. That is why, a site hosted on a shared server can generate slow due to amount of people connected to it at the same time. Already a site with dedicated hospedadagem does not suffer with the other technologies that other sites, possibly require more bandwidth, etc.. Not to mention the inserted tools and content planning and security professionals.
  • Customers want security: In a dedicated hosting is easier to insert tools and security protocols that do not conflict with other tools. That is, on a server dedicated to contracting company such service does not have to worry about the tools used by other sites that share the same server, e, in this way, navigation through the site will be much faster and at the same time safe.
  • Your way: Remember the example in the own company headquarters text beginning? This is where the use. A company that hires a dedicated hosting service has more freedom in space and also in the technology employed. That is, If there is any problem, the company will be completely free to make the necessary changes. In other words, the company that hires a dedicated hosting hire services that will ensure a good functioning of your content.
  • Speed: one of the reasons to hire a dedicated server is the speed and user response. Just to remember, we can not forget that this digital wave has the most hurried people in response Question, proof of this is the modernization of connectivity, ever faster and more needed. It is precisely for this reason that customers will prefer sites that respond faster. And, as said, websites hosted on dedicated servers have no influence other content that they can use over the necessary bandwidth or server CPU. Not to mention the monitoring, essential backups and etc..
  • Professional knowledge to support: This type of service also has a number of professionals who can support the company if necessary. This does not prevent him from having your own team of professionals, However, nothing better than professionals who speak the same language to make the fastest and most effective solutions. For example, a fully managed hosting can offer technical support for 24 hours and every day of the year. A small observation, case hire a dedicated server without support, however, you must have a professional company to keep the server running.

Now that you know a little more about a dedicated hosting, it is up to your company to decide what is best for. Security or price. Taking into account that the values ​​between shared and dedicated are different, However, to a large or medium-sized company, nothing better than an investment that will really bring you results, with professionalism and affordable values ​​and with the guarantee of a good daily functioning.