Dedicated server | Cost, Advantages and how does it Work



Will be a good solution to purchase a dedicated server?

The world has become dependent on technology, proof is the number of companies digitalized their work systems, just to expedite the processing of information, in the old days, It could take twice as long or more, not to mention the search speed and etc..
And these improvements has driven many companies to invest increasingly in their systems, for this, increasingly powerful servers and better has emerged to meet the great demand and need for greater security for your data, but, Security is not enough, it is also necessary speed, key feature of the computer and it is at this point that arise dedicated servers.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is nothing more than a computer that serves as your business server, however, this machine is not in your company, but in the contracted provider. This server is unique to the company to store data or even to manage digital content or e-mail accounts, so, any routine which is connected to the Internet.

What is needed to get this service?

A compra de um servidor dedicado pode ser realizada por qualquer empresa ou, by individual users, regardless of company size. There are no restrictions, however, it is noteworthy that each company providing such service, They have their own operating policies.

What is?

A dedicated server is not only to bring more security to the company or individual users who employ such services, but also to speed up data processing, can turn this type of service in large solutions.

Comparison with various types of servers

There are several types of services being offered by different hosting companies, to know what would be the best option to meet your company, domain and needs, nothing better than knowing a little of each, something that will help in deciding what type of service you choose.

  • dedicated servers: dedicated servers are nothing more than high-performance machines dedicated solely for the necessary purpose of your business. Due to its hardware configuration, It is suitable for companies that need high requisitions.
  • Cloud computing: this type of service has a feature fractionation of various storage arrays and servers, for example, if perchance the machine where is your data fall or give any problems, your data will not fail to be accessed just by the fact of their data roam freely among the other machines. It is noteworthy that the data does not randomly travels.
  • VPS: It is a system that breaks up a physical server to a client, but, this option does not exist processing guarantees, so, if tenhaproblemas hardware and customer data depend on this equipment, consequently, the data will also fail.
  • Virtuozzo: this method is part of the VPS mode, but, with some distinct differences, for example, the fact not rely on a single load image Operating System. Being an OS Container software creates multiple sessions from one operating system to consume less host memory.
  • Shared server: as the name suggests, It is a shared server, so, one machine for several companies. The cost of the hardware ends up being more account to be divided among users, However, on shared servers each user has a certain memory quota, a certain space and processing. In other words we can say that, in terms of cost is low investment, but not principal, which is the return, opt for this mode can generate disorders due to limitation of the contracted service.

Dedicated server | Cost, Advantages and how does it Work

How does a dedicated server?

The operation of a dedicated server is very simple. Simplified form,is a high performance machine dedicated to the contracting company. Generally such services are employed by companies that use the Internet to conduct their business or needing a stability of sending / receiving secure data.
For companies that sell over the Internet, stay off the air for an hour can already cause significant damage. That is why, such companies opt for a dedicated server, as well as safer, also has technical shifts to keep the site be down for any reason.


  • Safety: one of the biggest advantages of a dedicated server without a doubt. By hiring this type of service, the company has exclusive server in question, having thus increased safety in handling your files, without running the risk, another administrator to implement programs or any other action that endangers the connection that machine to the network. Hiring a dedicated server is sure to have your content always available and without risk of any action of any third party that has no relation to your business.
  • Accessibility: Dedicated servers have more quality connection compared to shared servers, something obvious if we take into account that, on a shared server, other companies will be accessing the content at once, may generate instability.
  • Flexibility: on dedicated servers it is easier for the company to insert plugins or tools that streamline and improve the desired type of navigation, something you can not get in a shared hosting, as, the same machine serves for other companies where each has its own criteria and needs.
  • Hosting: with a dedicated server browsing connection is exclusive, so, there will be other companies vying for that connection, as with shared servers. Remembering that, as more companies are sharing the same server, the lower the connection rate and processing, something that does not happen with dedicated servers for being exclusive contractor.



  • costs: the cost of a dedicated server may surprise, However, worth taking into consideration the advantages of this type of service.
  • Knowledge: Dedicated servers require a much higher degree of technical knowledge, something that companies that offer this type of service already expect from their customers. Therefore, before hiring this type of service, has at his side an experienced professional to ensure not only the operation but also, accessibility and facilities implemented for better navigation.
  • scalability: when hiring a dedicated server the company hires a certain capacity, if the company exceeds the contracted capacity, another server will have to be purchased, generating more costs. Something that does not happen with cloud hosting.
  • Property: Another important point that is worth noting is the fact, when hiring a dedicated server, you do not buy, but rents equipment that, generally it is not within their facilities, so, if we analyze, the data does not belong to you, in a way of course. So it is extremely important that the company's policy that provides the service to be discussed and taken into consideration.



As read above, a dedicated server has its advantages and disadvantages, However, it is noteworthy that all depends on the needs of the company and the importance of speed of sending and receiving data, something that can be decisive for the potential customer who visits the page. One must take into account that most people who make purchases over the Internet looking for speed and security, something that can be achieved with a dedicated server just to their own business.