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Big business: Reseller Hosting

The advancements of the Internet has enabled many vision of entrepreneurs realize ways to make money on the net. One of them is precisely the reseller hosting, great for anyone who wants to enter the online market spending little and having a reasonably quick return, this is, if your strategy is really convincing, how its proposed services.
The Internet has become essential for the economy, allowing companies that use this system to market your products online. You can find anything to buy, provided there is user demand for that particular product. Nowadays, fears transact over the network is a thing of the past and more users prefer to make purchases through sites than in physical stores, precisely for granted discounts.
But, please note that, for companies to sell their products on the internet you need a whole preparation, starting with the first and essential way to sell on the Internet: have a website. If your company does not have a page with its products, no possibilities to sell them, so, it is essential that the company invests in technology to be able to be in the air.

What is Reseller Hosting?

For a website to be in the air you have to be hosted somewhere. Some companies, especially those who do not work with the Internet, They do not know the necessary formalities to buy a space. It is at this moment you enter the hosting reseller. The reseller buys the right to host on a server and then re-sell to your prospects, so, it virtually creates a space for your customers can insert their products. It would be like a big shed with small shops that sell their products.
An output usually offered by large companies operating in the hosting area. Your customers end up going over the contracted areas and still, can rely on a partner with management services, web design or other services.
Let's use the following example: imagine that you are part of a web agency, isso acaba facilitando oferecer serviços de revenda de hospedagem e também de desenvolvimento de páginas e sua manutenção e atualizações. Your web company already has a hosting server with all the necessary tools, However, the storage capacity is higher than it needs, therefore, nothing prevents resells a portion of your server to another company.

The reseller hosting is indicated:

  • The reseller hosting is primarily recommended for people who want to start somehow your online business, with low investment and rewarding profits and still, without the worry of maintaining a maintenance on servers or management.
  • For companies that already work with the provision of online services or, Internet-related agencies, they can also resell part of their space to get an extra income through the plans offered.
  • Developers or web designers can also attract more customers with development plans and hosting with different control panels that do not require the resources of a dedicated or VPS.
  • Users who have other sites and want to take advantage of all disk space along with the generated traffic, You can manage sites hosted by a single panel.


How does Reseller Hosting

Companies that offer this type of service, usually have several reseller plans that vary in the category traffic or disk space, However, there are some advantages that can be offered at all levels without exception.

  • You can resell domains for your customers, allowing the possibility of offering the same record.
  • It is possible to turn your resale into something more professional, displaying its logo on the control panel or the issuance of bills or receipts.
  • You can also configure their accounts according to the needs of each client who hired their services.
  • You can also take advantage of the same tools offered to the holder of hosting and offer its customers, as: additional scripts, monitoring tools, control panel and e-mail.
  • Tools that enable the customer management, financial or not, in this case, for resale in Linux system, WHMC With estrellas.
  • Hosting Management of clients' websites through cPanel or WHM, If no Linux system, For Windows the panel is Plesk.

Reseller Hosting - Hosting reseller

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Despite some advantages mentioned above regarding the reseller hosting, temos abaixo mais algumas razões que podem fazer a grande diferença na sua decisão acerca de se tornar um empreendedor de sucesso no ramo de revenda de hospedagem.

  • A hosting company itself can be great to supplement your income, if you work in a company or, not the case, It can be a great way to make money.
  • Companies that will hire their hosting services, not have any contact with the hosting you hired to resell. When your customers access the control panel, will be the name of the company resold hosting that will appear.
  • You can also choose to create independent control panels for each of its customers, in this way, any problems can be solved easily.
  • Create plans traffic and storage to increase your profits. Or can tailor their plans according to the needs of each client or even your need.


Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting

Although it seems like a great way to make money, reseller hosting also has some disadvantages like any other business. See below the main.

  • Before buying a hosting space to resell, assess whether the hosting company provides everything you need to better serve its customers. To avoid the need to change hosting. To save you having to migrate all customers to the new hire service.
  • Another problem that can occur is waiting for technical solutions to problems that the dealer can not solve, fitting only for the hosting company.
  • If the dealer decides to move to another hosting company, can lead to problems with customers who may suffer from such a change, so, in this case, nothing better than staying where you are or open a second retail company and migrate gradually.
  • Organization: a crucial point for your success will be your organization, all data will need to be properly stored for possible restaurações.Também will need to manage their accounts and finance.
  • You win because of their customers, therefore, it is fair support and be available whenever there is a problem or you are prompted to assuage doubts.
  • The reseller hosting only has autonomy in part resold to their customers and not to the space hired to host the sites of their clients.


resell Hosting: a good idea?

Now that you know a little more about reseller hosting, its advantages and disadvantages, nothing better than to look for the company that best suit your needs. This is a very important point since it is your company that your client will treat.
Therefore, before diving into the online business, search and find the best web hosting company that offers security and professionalism you. And, although it seems a light work, know that to achieve success much work is needed, so, Your success depends on your commitment and service quality and not the quantity of customers. Good luck!