Best Website Hosting | Beginner's Guide



What should I know before buying a web hosting?

As the name says, hosting is a place for storing certain content. Let's use the example of a site. A website contains a number of files and codes that perform a certain action, these files, to work need to be stored somewhere to be available via web.
This is where comes in hosting sites. When hiring a company to host your content, you do not get only the space, but also, some important services that will ensure your site remains constantly in the air, a very important point for companies that usually sell products online.

What is the best web hosting service

Nowadays, many companies offer web hosting to your customers, each with its policy and its working methods. And, because there are so many options, when hiring such services, we were in no doubt what would be the best option for our company. Below, we list four of the big companies that lead the ranking of best service provider in 2016.

Best Website Hosting | Beginner's Guide

HostGator: a company that combines cost-benefit in a professional manner, hire their hosting services will cost only $ 9,99 por mês. The most interesting is that, to renew his contract, the value remains the same, as well as the quality of service and features that HostGator provides its customers. It is one of the most complete and it provides the contractor security, limited e-mail accounts, transfer and, Disk Space.
GoDaddy: despite being new in Brazil (2014) It offers quality services at an affordable price and with variety. The success of GoDaddy is due to their aggressive discounting in the first signings, for example, to hire the services of the company, instead of paying R $ 27,99 the contractor will only pay R $ 6.99 / month. The GoDaddy's discounts are not limited to hosting as well as their products can get a discount 30%.
UOL Host (Brasil): among the market leaders, the UOL Host and rely on the country hosting on Windows and Linux platforms. The value of the services is greater than competitors, However, because promotions hosting values ​​may reach R $ 9.90 / month.
SiteGround: company founded in 2004, has more than 450.000 domains registered worldwide, It is increasingly recognized for their attractive packages and fast customer service.

How does a web hosting

The operation is simple. For a site to be found, it must first be housed elsewhere. This place would be another computer similar to the ones we have at home, I mean, with some differences of course, plus more powerful are configured to be accessed by other machines, in this case, user.
Users type in the browser address bar the address you want or simply, click on the link sent or made available on social networks. By clicking or typing is generated a request to the hosting service that is transformed into an IP address that communicates with the DNS's your computer thus enabling the visualization of the desired content.
This connection between server and computer is possible because of the hypertext transfer protocol, or HTTP, it sends to the requesting machine the converted information in readable format. It is this system that allows one or more users are connected to the same site each other, anywhere on the planet.
In short, hosting websites works as a space to store the data from your site, independent file that contains, can be: images, texts, videos and etc.. Regarding the number of mutual access, everything depends on the contracted services of your hosting provider.

Before we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of web hosting services, it is necessary to make clear that all depends on the type of hosting that acquired, in turn, It depends exclusively on the client host on their servers. Below, see some types of sites of travel and its advantages, disadvantages and which companies are indicated.


  • Shared hosting: this type of hosting, you rent a particular space on a single server, this in turn, hosts other sites. This is a recommended plan for businesses that do not have heavy traffic users or small sites.


  1. more affordable;
  2. Ease of power or update site, click and drag system;
  3. technical support that helps customers and their questions or problems regarding the site, server or requirements of any configuration;
  4. It has a number of features that can increase as needed.


In shared hosting, many companies hire given space and required speed. When any of the sites, suddenly has significantly increased access, other sites that share that location can be unstable.

  1. You can not customize the service provider;
  2. Information overload can also leave the sites off the air, so, It is perchance, one of your server neighbors have an overload, your site will be unavailable until the problem is resolved.
  3. For companies selling products online via this type of service is not recommended due to the sending of important information such as: card password, etc..


  • VPS hosting: This technology for hosting is growing rapidly among the companies that offer such services. This type of hosting is nothing more than partitioning or dividing a physical server and its transformation into multiple virtual servers that is also known as Server Virtualization. This service is recommended for medium sites that rely on a number of hits ranging between medium and high.


  1. It has increased security and performance compared to the shared hosting;
  2. Great in the item cost / benefit as it eliminates the need for an infrastructure;


  1. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain all, installation and security system and VPS, if the customer has no experience or knowledge to such matters, You may hire third-party services.


  • Dedicated Hosting: in this case the client has exclusive use of a server and all its capacity for their own businesses, so, no chances connection problems or sudden drop services. Besides that, the customer can install the operating system of your choice, as well as other improvements or tools. It is precisely for this reason that, to hire such services, the customer needs to be aware. Recommended for large companies that have a huge amount of hits, with several applications or huge database.


  1. complete freedom in the hosting environment;
  2. The company is not at risk of being harmed by another company, precisely because it is the only server.


  1. It is necessary knowledge to administer the server correctly;
  2. High cost for a small business;

To conclude the article, we hope that the information read above are of great value to choose the best hosting service for your business. However, please note that, the choice of such services, They rely solely on your needs. For example, if you have an online sales site that relies on a large number of products, nothing better than to choose the type of hosting that does not bring security only for your business but also for its customers.
Another extremely important point is to see what services the service provider company offers your company, if they have a technical support 24 hours, if necessary answer questions, among other services that will only help your company to print your brand online.