Key differences between Private and Public Cloud



What is a Private Cloud

Currently much is said about cloud resources and, usually what comes to mind are the public clouds that are generally offered by large companies as: Amazon e Google for your users who share applications without the possibility of transforming it or even change something in your schedule.
That is why, some companies because of their labor policies, security or even cultural end not to participate in these clouds made available to a large number of users, However, They prefer to join the new more focused way on your interests, hiring a private cloud.
As private clouds usually stay within the company, so, in your firewall environment, in turn has restricted access to business partners or employees. Private clouds are also known as: corporate cloud or internal cloud.
Nowadays companies have adopted this system precisely because it is a great option for companies as it reduces costs and also enhances flexibility, not to mention data security, something that is in control of the company and its team, something that does not happen with the public clouds which are managed by other companies and are open to a number of users.

Difference Private Cloud and Public Cloud

A large public clouds restriction example is the large institutions that have as a need to protect your data. Whether or not, in public clouds, available files can be accessed by other curious users who feel the need to break the security.
That is why, companies that need security for your data, nothing better than investing in private clouds, which can be administered by the IT staff. Below is a list of five important points that characterize a private cloud.

  • Scale and elasticity to suit the needs of your customers.
  • Sharing data and resources among an exponential number of customers.
  • Infrastructure and applications in the supply of resources.
  • Technology and access to resources in the cloud.
  • Payment and measurement as use of services.


Private Cloud Benefits

In addition to improving the quality of services, private cloud is still justified to be more economical and also by reducing the time the data delivery for users.
Due to standardization and automation of IT services is to reduce costs and also reduce operating costs, in this way, with a tool working properly, IT professionals can support users.

observation point on the private cloud

The only point to be observed in private clouds regard is access to the internet, as, connectionless there are many ways to access content available in the clouds, so the speed and quality of connection are essential for successful private cloud and operational.
And so we can say that, Small Business, private clouds do not have a large need, However, for medium or large companies, nothing better than investing in this technology, having an IT team prepared to virtualize the entire environment, enabling the necessary resources for the cloud to work correctly.
currently, the cloud concept is gaining more attention because of the facilities and processing speed, even more today that users have become adept at ever faster information. IT professionals have in your hands the task of a flexible cloud and that matches the needs of its users.
Today we face a new possibility of challenges in the cloud Question, as both its operation as its operation since, cloud programming is not part of a fantasy, but a reality that is growing every passing day, bringing new business strategies that can bring gains for the company by the progress of own computational and operational concepts.