How Cloud Hosting works



How Cloud Hosting work - Guide for Newbies

Many of us have ever used a type of hosting storage form. For this there are external hardware, which can be connected to the computer to increase your memory and can store a greater amount of data.
In cases hosting sites, the same thing occurs: investment in external hard drives with “tons of terabytes” as well as dedicated and shared servers are constantly used, without compromising in most cases the performance of your site.
Now we can imagine all, the same storage form of files and sites, But without this outside connected to your computer. This is how it works cloud hosting, where instead of using the storage medium to this, The medium used online: the internet.
Thereby, cloud hosting is a way to share and store data on the Internet, where it provides a space in your gigantic world of information, this space is called "cloud”, because you know it's there, but you can not touch it and it has no way. Of course, this storage is done on a local or restricted link, so that anyone who is browsing the Internet has access to your data.

Cloud Hosting Benefits

First, one of the best cloud hosting advantages is aimed at those who are starting in the online business platform. For when choosing a physical hosting, you need early on to buy a big power hardware, which will be costly, but even more it would cost if you first buy a small and then wanted to use more, because the smaller would be left out.
Already using the cloud for this example, it has as mentioned, a great benefit for beginners: as it may initially offer a smaller space, depending on your needs, and then go on increasing this space, by buying small plots to grow gradually. This is only possible with cloud hosting.
Cloud hosting
This advantage also adapts depending on how your site is being searched. For example: in a given period, your site is having a high user access, its quality will decrease, making it slower. With cloud hosting, the same is in charge of increasing their ability to overcome these moments, making your website does not lose its quality, returning to normal in traffic down times.
This is one of cloud hosting privileges, where you pay when these situations occur, but the price does not compare with the qualified processing that the cloud provides in times of high demand.
One of many other advantages that cloud hosting provides is the factor "investment”, since it offers virtually the same benefits of a dedicated server, but a more affordable value, which as stated above may be varied as your needs grow.

Disadvantage in using cloud hosting

Cloud hosting offers numerous benefits, but there is that doubt about the topic data security, since as stated at the beginning of the post, We do not know where these data are being placed, we can not see the cloud or touch it, the risk of not having access at any time to Cloud Files is a fear that many see.
This uncertainty factor is due to the existence of many hackers who may be accessing customer data and their files in the cloud. For more complex and full of passwords and security phrases that cloud hosting companies provide, is still constant the number of hits that have unrelated files.
The important thing to be able to avoid this uncertainty, It is to put encryption on stored documents and information about buyers and sellers Site. Thus, the information will only limited to "supplier and customer"Even if they are accessed by these hackers.

Paid Hosting Cloud vs. Free Cloud

The large number of cloud hosting companies are in most cases known to all. We have the example of Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc. They are offering their services free of charge and are very good.
This is to start your site or store a limited amount of data on your cloud hosting. But if your needs increase, Your site needs a better data processing, We need to migrate to a paid hosting plan, which may be the same aforementioned companies.
The only difference of paying or not, and the number of Gigabytes that offer services. Take for example the Dropbox: it offers up 2 free gigabytes, and if you want to increase the space, you need to pay a monthly amount with taxes included, equivalent to US$ 9.99 por 1 TB, or US$ 12 por unlimited space, can vary the price.
Since cloud hosting offers a lot of benefits, with relatively low values, many are the people and companies that are using their services, and the trend for the future is to be abolished physical hostings, improving the security of cloud and only using this for commercial purposes.