Colocation Data Center | What is it and how does it work?


Colocation or data center co-location

Technological advances, new machines and new systems, end up bringing new terms and tools to be used separately or in conjunction with other. One of these terms, in recent years, has gained a strength and an interesting meaning in the digital world, the Colocation or co-location.

What is Colocation

The Colocation is nothing more than a rent of a physical space with internet access for your station or server, so, you rent a space within an infrastructure for your computer to connect to the computer network, is a type of service sought by people who want to servers at an affordable cost and still rely on hosting sites. In short, the customer rents a certain space in a data center and your equipment will be powered by electric current, Internet and etc.

What are the advantages of Colocation

The advantage to the company that opts for this type of service is the complete control over your own server. You can buy your server, configure it the way that meets your needs and then send it into space in the data center rental, however, If you prefer not to have the work of buying a server and configure it, Some companies offer the sale of servers.

What is the difference between dedicated servers and co-located

Usually the dedicated servers are the responsibility of the company that rents the machine to the customer, they are responsible for the proper functioning of the equipment, of food and also in some need of repair. Already in the co-located the server is installed and configured according to your need and then sent to the company where the machine will be hosted.
In the services of Colocation There are some fees that are passed on to the customer, after all, the server will be allocated in a properly suitable for constant operation of your machine.

  • Space for Rent: you pay only for the space rented, but also for the entire system that feeds your server, so, you pay a certain amount for energy, for maintenance of the network and also, the possibility of repairs on your server if there is a need.
  • Cost of internet connection: the internet rate in this type of service is not charged for the amount of gigabits as other companies usually charge. In the colocation service is charged by an average used broadband, practically you only pay the internet access link on your server.

Let's say you are a beginner in professional management systems and so, I don't know exactly what you should consider before hiring this type of service. Below we list some points that should be noted and brought to the hiring of a Datacenter.

  • Before hiring this service is necessary to meet the facility where your server will be;
  • Important to note the company's infrastructure, If your data is properly protected and question whether the data center has care for external factors;
  • Ask if the company has technical support in case you have a problem with the network or even with your server;
  • Be aware of data center security policy in both the physical and virtual Question, after all, Nobody wants an unauthorized person or prepared with our information access;
  • The availability of service is another important point, therefore, question about data center colocation services;
  • Find out about the possibilities of IPs that the company offers to buy, What are the tracks purchased and which regions the IPs are available.

We hope the information above described her support for the hiring of a datacenter that matches your expectations and that ensures all tranquility in the operation of your equipment. It is noteworthy that, currently, This type of service has become increasingly common among the large or medium-sized companies.