Benefits of CloudFlare | What is it and how does it work?


What is CloudFlare and how it works
We all know that technological advances and facilitate people's lives in a way, They made them also more eager to receive information. A side effect caused by the speed of information we have at our fingertips. If we stop to reflect for a moment, We realize that the internet has made the world smaller not only in geographical terms, as also, commercial.
Some years ago, when the Internet was just beginning to become part of the life of human beings, most people felt unsafe in performing commercial transactions because of possible disturbances that could occur, something that, with time, He was catching up and becoming one of the safest ways to buy / sell. currently, most people who have access to internet, buy products through it.
But, despite all these advantages, some users, likely buyers of their products displayed on your site, They do not have a lot of patience in waiting for page loads. That is why, many companies have invested to further streamline the sending and receiving of information, for users to search for products with more ease and agility. And it is on this kind of service we will talk in the next lines: Cloudflare.

You know what CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a type of service more known as a CDN that is intended to copy the cache of your page and then immediately, distribute your information to other servers spread around the world. In this way, when you access your page, he will not be seeking the server that you host, but in another closer to the netizen, thereby reducing the wait for page load.
Another very interesting point in this service is the fact of being always online, so, You know when it happens those times when the site comes out of the air? Yeah, with CloudFlare services will happen no more, precisely by not relying on a single power supply information. If perchance one of the servers goes down, the system automatically searches for another source of information.

How it works or CloudFlare

The Cloudflare works like a reverse proxy that requires the changes in DNS to follow with your schedule. For this, The input copies of, CNAME and MX are created for your page to function at high speed when accessed from the CDN servers. And, the results are immediately perceived the first access, a load speed 30% the 60% faster.

Other strengths of the CloudFlare

Another important point that is worth mentioning in this type of tool is the protection it offers to the sites, so, as well as faster loading, also has a spammers protection system and hackers. Not to mention it's a great tool against exploits, botnets ( botnet), denial of service attacks, among others. All this to keep your website up in the air and always offering your content to your visitors.
To get all this protection and security for your site, just ask the CloudFlare is enabled in all areas, however, do not forget that, activation is done individually.

The benefits of CloudFlare

And if you still have doubts about the functionality of this tool, below we list some good reasons to use it.

  • Security and speed in sending information at an affordable price to any mortal: for free.
  • performance: The Cloudflare servers are located worldwide, so, so the user to access your page, automatically it will have access to the closest proxy to their content.
  • more protection: The data used by Cloudflare are the Honey Project and other sources that work against possible threats, thus identify more easily online attacks avoiding coming to their site.
  • Anti-Spam: The Cloudflare also reduces the number of spam comments on your site, due to data and outsourced resources.
  • Beware visitors: In addition to all security to your data, the system also warns visitors if there is any threat to the computer, and also suggests measures to clean the malware or virus engine. To access, the visitor only needs to enter a CAPTCHA and follow the necessary steps.
  • always On: One of the great advantages is cloudflare: your website will always be in the air. If perchance one of the servers fall, there will always be another to redirect the visitor to another source.
  • Lower CPU utilization: due to the facts of the requests being made by proxy, CPU usage in your account is reduced.


The disadvantages of CloudFlare

But, we know that nothing can be as perfect as well, after all, everything that is created can be modified and improved. And below we have listed some disadvantages of cloudflare.

  • Delay in updating: Adjustments in WordPress posts, either in layout or postback, It may take a while for the server to identify changes.
  • Authentication: Another disadvantage is the fact that the request through another window which will require the user to identify for the system to recognize its legitimacy. Another problem is that, even with the user's legitimacy, some browsers may behave in a suspicious manner and be recognized as a threat.
  • Another disadvantage is related to the users of some South American countries as, servers that use cloudflare usually are abroad, there may be a drop in speed and agility but this may go unnoticed.

And now, to finish, all you need is to sign up for CloudFlare and turn your site into a place with more agility and information so they promise their visitors to your content without the old loading problems, without malicious users of surprises and sure, regardless of problems with your server, your page will always be accessible to all.