Cloud storage | Advantages and Disadvantages



All you need to know about Cloud storage

Save the files from your computer to your hard drive, pen drive or any other device, can become a thing of the past in a few years. This happens thanks to new cloud storage technology, best known as cloud computing that is already used by large companies such as: Amazon e Google.

This type of storage allows you to host your files in internet services instead of saving only on your personal computer. You can easily save your files on your computer and make a copy of them in the cloud for security measures. Currently there are already various types of remote services that provide such user experience, as: Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive e Dropbox.

Cloud storage - Advantages and Disadvantages Files saved in the cloud can be accessed anywhere in the world, by you or any other person who has access to your login data. If you prefer, You can also share your files by link sent to whom you want to show the file. To have a placeholder for cloud storage, simply contact a server that offers such services and hire an access package according to your need or your company.

What cloud storage advantages:

  • Several companies offer this type of service with affordable and flexible plans according to your need and still counts with the possibility of change of plan should you feel the need to increase the storage space.
  • The value of cloud storage services is much lower than the value of the structure needed to maintain own storage, this without counting the maintenance costs and hand professional work.
  • With the files in the cloud, you will have full access in any part of the world, simply access your account via the internet and ready, your files are all at your service. Some companies, to facilitate the access of its customers into space sold, have created applications that can be accessed via tablets or smartphones.
  • To store or access your files in the cloud does not require any specific software, all you need is internet access, and your login data.
  • The cloud storage also brings security to save your files, so, you will not risk losing the data saved on a flash drive, HD or any other form of physical storage, in the case of equipment malfunction.


What cloud storage disadvantages:

  • To access your files wherever you are you must have internet access, otherwise, There is no possibility to access the purchased space. If your internet connection drop or indicate slowness, navigating the cloud also suffer the consequences of the problem. A hint to solve this problem and if you anticipate any surprise, nothing better than to keep up to date.
  • To trust a cloud storage service, We end up feeling somehow dependent and vulnerable, However, to avoid this kind of afraid archived data in the cloud are encrypted.
  • It is the common user who opts for the cloud storage feel insecure with the allocated data in a given space hired on internet, after all, intrusion and privacy violations can occur, but, according to the seminar organized by Google on cloud storage, the group said that it is practically impossible and that counts with 500 staff for this function.
  • Monthly spending with the cloud storage is another important point to be highlighted, will be an expense to the company during the month, however, with the emergence of new companies offering the same service and the same quality, the costs will fall making cloud storage a great solution.


As spoken above, cloud storage is a great option for those who need to access your files remotely. Returning to the question security, the biggest villain of this type of service, big companies like: Amazon, Microsoft and Google are working constantly to improve the security of your customers ' data.
And, if you have been interested in the cloud file storage, before hiring the services of a company specializing, It is important to make sure the environment that offer really is safe.